What Roseanne and Her Stair Lift Teach Us

Roseanne and her stair lift
Roseanne and her stair lift teaches us a lot about ourselves

After a 20 plus year hiatus, the popular hit TV show Roseanne is back, and is creating conversation – just as it regularly did two decades ago. The story of Roseanne and her stair lift is no exception.

Many of us remember the Conner family fondly, and would look forward every week to tuning in and seeing what antics the clan was up to now. Here we are years later, and they are still making us laugh in what is now season 10 of the show. And by the way, in case you need a recap, Wikipedia has an excellent synopsis of every season from the beginning to present.

Roseanne and Her Stair Lift is Relatable

In this week’s episode titled, Roseanne Gets the Chair, we see the show’s title character dealing with the inevitable reality we all deal with – getting older.

Due to her chronic knee pain, Roseanne doesn’t get up and down the stairs as well as she used to. In order to assist her in her plight, Dan is able to secure a used stair lift from a recently deceased neighbor’s house that was scheduled to be demolished. After installing the device, Roseanne stubbornly protests that she is not old, and needs no such device. She then continues to painfully hobble upstairs in defiant agony.

Watch the hilarious moment when Dan introduces Roseanne to her new device below.


As funny and as endearing as our beloved Conners manage to make life’s difficulties, we can all relate to Roseanne’s feelings about not feeling old. Even when we are faced with physical limitations. Roseanne and her stair lift reveals a little bit about each and every one of us.

Staying Young at Heart

Roseanne’s opinion about stair lifts is a common one.

Here at Centerspan, we encounter customers all the time who are looking for a chair lift for a spouse or for a parent. However, when the spouse or parent is informed of the device, they defiantly insist that they aren’t old enough to need it.

It’s understandable why home mobility devices such as stair lifts are often viewed as “devices for old people”. There are certainly many senior citizens who rely on this equipment to access different floors in their homes, because the stairs have become too challenging without it. However, there is another perspective to consider!

A stair lift is empowering, not limiting. So many of our wonderful customers who once insisted that they had no need for one, now thank us regularly for installing it. Instead of it making them feel older, they claim that it actually makes them feel younger, and more mobile!

Even personally in my own life, I have encountered this. My own dear grandmother, who unfortunately suffered a couple of falls on the stairs of her multi-level home, resisted when we staged a sort of intervention to address it. Even though she still looked young, and is forever young at heart, her stability just isn’t what it used to be.

We insisted that she needed a stair lift to safely traverse her stairway. She reluctantly gave in eventually. After we installed it, we couldn’t get her off it! She absolutely loved riding her new stair lift up and down the stairs, and said she felt more agile than she had in years. Since we installed it in her home, she has actually become more confident in using her stairs. This allows her to leave her home more often, when she feels like going shopping or visiting a friend. She never realized how limited she actually was before the stair lift was installed. Today she feels much more freedom than she did before.

Centerspan is Here if You Need Us!

Can you relate to Roseanne and her stair lift feelings? Do you know someone who’s young at heart, but may still need the support of a stair lift or other mobility device? If so, we can help. Centerspan has installed thousands of stair lifts and other personal mobility devices for people of all ages everywhere. And in each case, not a single customer has reported that it made them feel older or less empowered. In fact, the opposite is what we encounter every day – people that are overjoyed to finally regain their mobility!

If you or your loved one is located near one of our local offices (click here to use our location finder) and you’d like to find out more, call us at 1-844-SAFE-STAIR (844-723-3782) to schedule your free in-home consultation today. We’ll send one of our local, friendly, factory-certified technicians to evaluate your home and your needs, and offer the right solution to help regain yours or your loved one’s mobility.

We hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime, we’ll be watching Roseanne to see what other adventures the Conner family at 714 Delaware Street gets into!

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