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No matter your mobility issue, Centerspan has the solution! We carry a wide variety of curved rail stair lifts that can be custom configured to gracefully conform to your unique stairway, no matter how many turns, angles, or degree of pitch that your stairs feature.

Stairlifts are vital for easy navigation up and down stairways for anyone with physical limitations, such as the disabled or the elderly. We at Centerspan are a top choice of curved stairlift providers in the industry thanks to the numerous advantages that we offer to every customer. Curved stairlifts offer greater accessibility in homes that feature stairways that curve, turn, or have any unconventional layout. Along with offering world class products, our team will make sure that installation goes quickly and easily while ensuring the highest quality results. We make sure that every customer can go up and down the stairs in a safe, comfortable, and simple manner; exactly what you should expect from any professionally installed curved stairlift.

centerspan-curveStandard straight stairlifts will not fit into every home, due to the differences in stairway architecture. Curved stairlifts are the perfect alternative for curved stairs. Centerspan offers two types of curved stairlift – modular curved stair lifts, and custom curved stairlifts. An Acorn modular curved stairlift features a universal out-of-the-box design that can be professionally custom assembled to comply with most turning or curved staircases. These units can be provided much faster, because they do not require a custom design specific to your stairs. Custom curved stairlifts, from manufacturers such as Handicare and Harmar, are carefully crafted specifically for your home’s stairs, based on precise measurements and evaluation. The turnaround time for these units takes a little longer, since they are custom manufactured. These units typically cost less per foot however.

You deserve the highest quality stairlift possible. The quality of the Acorn curved stairlift starts with the design. Acorn has produced a design that works with the structure of nearly any curved staircase. We will professionally install it on your staircase, and will not consider the job complete until you are satisfied. These modular curved stairlifts are perfect for any home with common curved staircases.

Our custom units will be carefully manufactured to only fit your home’s stairs, and fit them perfectly. Our factory-trained technicians have a unique awareness and evaluation capabilities to ensure that your custom curved stairlift is a perfect fit.

The excellence in design extends to the chair itself, as well. Our carefully selected manufacturers have made sure that their chairs meet customers’ high standards. Our goal is to give every person not only an effective way to reach the top or bottom of the stairs, but a comfortable and safe ride, as well. Our curved stairlift chairs have a safety belt, comfortable upholstery, aesthetic options, and a compact design. Chair access requires little effort. Your chair will be situated and set to achieve maximum comfort specifically to your needs, so that entry and exit are accomplished as simply as possible. Individuals with limited physical capabilities will find our stairlift chairs more comfortable than many of the more rigid or complicated alternatives.

We understand the value and importance of what we do in ensuring that your home is free of mobility challenges. As such, we offer fast local service to get your new stairlift setup right away.

To give you peace of mind, we do offer a full 1-year warranty*. Although service issues are extremely rare, if during the first year of ownership of your stairlift you run into a problem, your warranty covers it. We will fully repair or replace the unit or any defective parts as necessary to ensure that your stairlift is 100% fully safe and operational. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain accessibility to every area of the home.stair lift

Contact us now to take advantage of Acorn modular curved stairlifts, or one of our custom options by Handicare or Harmar. Our team is here to help you get started right now. We will help you to understand the advantages of all and make the right decision for your home.

Quality is in every part of our stairlifts for curved stairs. There is a minimal risk of damage, breakage, or safety concerns. Should a problem occur in the first year however, Centerspan’s solid warranty covers it. In addition, our factory trained staff is local and just a phone call away any time you have a need. Call us today at 844-SAFE-STAIR (844-723-3782) and let us help you to achieve independence in your home!

*To learn more about our comprehensive 1-year warranty, please call us at 1-800-980-3718