Wheelchair Ramps

Centerspan is dedicated to helping people with limited mobility make their lives easier. Have you experienced any challenges navigating doorways or door thresholds? Do you have a wheelchair, power scooter, rollator, walker, cane, or just limited walking ability?

If so then you may have looked into an access ramp of some sort. We offer many different ADA Compliant wheelchair ramp solutions from Ez Access, PVI, as well as Redispan wheelchair ramps to allow you to increase your independence.

Modular Ramp Systems
Can be easily taken down or moved to new location.

Portable Ramps
Can be used for traveling or temporary situations.

Threshold Ramps
Used to help navigate 6″ or less.
If you are unsure about what type of ramp solution you need, give us a call and schedule a free consultation and have one of our accessibility specialists walk you through the process!