Straight Stairlifts & Stair Lift for Straight or Narrow Stairways

We have chosen only the best quality equipment to represent Centerspan. The stairlifts we sell and install are reliable, versatile, and easy to use. When you call us to get information about choosing a stairlift, you will not get any pushy sales pitches, you will get the facts.

For most multi-story homes, a straight rail stair lift is all that is needed to safely transport family members up and down the stairs. These stairlift products are for homes that have stairs that feature no turns, landings, or curves. Our straight stairlifts are powered by a rechargeable battery system, with a charger that plugs into the wall. In the event of a power outage, the battery will still power the stairlift for safe use upwards of a dozen or more trips up and down the staircase.

Installation of our straight rail stairlifts is simple. Typically, these units can be installed very quickly from the time the order is placed. If we have the product in our inventory, same week service is possible. Once we arrive at your home for installation, our factory-trained and certified technicians will have the unit installed and ready for use in a couple of hours.

People choose to install stair lifts in their homes for many reasons. Some of these include:

[box] Aging in place.

All too often, older Americans move to assisted living facilities or one story homes, simply because traversing their stairs is too difficult. Why sell the home that you’ve lived in for years and raised your family in, when your home can be made adaptable and safe?[/box]

[box] It’s affordable.

Installing a stair lift is more affordable than installing elevators and other expensive equipment that require a huge investment in time and money; as well as a massive construction project.[/box]

[box] Safety & security.

Having a stairlift professionally installed by Centerspan brings safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones as they travel the stairs, without fear of falling.[/box]

We work with you about your situation and help find the best product to meet your needs. We keep most products in inventory because we know that when you call us, you already need a lift.