Why Choose Us

Here at Centerspan, we are dedicated to you and all your different mobility needs. Throughout the U.S. homeowners rely on Centerspan for their home accessibility solutions. We’re one of the top dealers in the U.S. for Stair lifts, Vertical Platform lifts, and ceiling lifts. Centerspan has the experts you’re looking for. Making you a happy, life-long customer is our goal.

Centerspan is your local mobility and accessibility professionals. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified, and every product we sell is covered by our 1-year warranty against all defects*; although service issues are extremely rare. We take pride in being there for you when you have a need, and always standing by our products and services 100%.


See how CENTERSPAN can bridge the gap to INDEPENDENCE and help you achieve MOBILITY

  • Fast Installations – Same day installation on some equipment
  • Friendly, Helpful, and Knowledgeable Staff – Our Staff has years of experience and everyone that works at Centerspan truly loves helping others
  • Safety First – We send out regular safety tips and alerts for you and your family
  • Free Consultations – We perform in home consultations to help identify areas of safety concern
  • 1 Year Service Guarantee – We cover labor on our products free of charge for the first year
  • Refurbished Equipment Available – We know how expensive some of this equipment can be so we try to help you safe cost on equipment if possible
  • Volume Discounts – We offer discounts on multiple purchases
  • Great Product Diversity -So many options to choose from. We help you choose the right product to meet your needs

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

“We were very please with the work and the courtesy shown to us. Thanks Centerspan!” – C. Price

“Everything was done to my complete satisfaction.” – R. Radosta

“Excellent work! Very impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism” – B. Lanier

Achieving Independenceservice1
We know it’s often hard to figure out what solutions or options are available. We take the time to understand every situation and help pair you or your loved one with the proper equipment to help accomplish their goals.

Accessibility Specialists
It’s hard to know just how your mobility needs will change and what type of equipment you will need. Our accessibility specialists have the knowledge and experience to help you or you loved one understand all of the options available.

IMPORTANT: Do Not Purchase Stair Lifts Online!

We at Centerspan want to empower you to be a savvy consumer in the marketplace, whether you purchase from us or not. Many online e-commerce companies sell products such as stairlifts online. At first glance, their prices seem very attractive, and are initially cheaper than what a full-service company such as Centerspan can sell for. However, in the long run, you will end up paying more out of pocket if you purchase online than you would in making one call to Centerspan. These online companies are only interested in closing the sale, and when they do, you end up with many big, heavy boxes of complex machinery delivered to your house. It’s up to you to now get it installed, without voiding any manufacturer’s warranties.

The chart below compares buying experience between the online e-commerce environment, and reputable, factory-trained, local professionals such as Centerspan.

NOTE: E-commerce experience below refers to online retailers who only sell products over the internet, and ship it to customers directly to install and service themselves.

Online Vendor **Centerspan
Warranty Included?Maybe - limitedYES - Parts & Labor
Professional Installation?NoYES
Factory-Trained Technicians?NoYES
Local Service?NoYES
Available Anytime?NoYES
Free Evaluation?NoYES
Complete Needs Assessment?NoYES
Training Included?NoYES
Maintenance Available?NoYES

* To learn more about our comprehensive 1-year warranty, please call us at 1-800-980-3718
** These highlighted factors apply under most circumstances. However, exceptions could always exist