Portable OSHA and IBC Stairs and Landings

Centerspan locally manufactures and installs portable OSHA and IBC stairs and landings. From temporary portable entrance stairs for commercial trailers; to field platform applications – Centerspan has the solution.

Safe and reliable multi-floor access is very important. For example, workers need access to elevated doorways on the job site. Likewise, the general public needs to safely travel multiple levels. Centerspan can custom manufacture solutions for both situations that meet and exceed regulations.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) tightly regulates rules and conditions for commercial facilities whereby the general public does not have access. For example, this includes commercial steps, stairways, and landings used on construction sites. Moreover, these conditions only apply to those workers and personnel legitimately operating within the site in question.

The regulations concerning this equipment are not as stringent as the International Building Code (IBC) regulations. The IBC governs public stairways and landings. For example, commercial and public facilities that are accessed and utilized by the general public are regulated by the IBC.

Maintain OSHA / IBC Compliance with Centerspan

Are you in the construction business and need OSHA steps for mobile offices? Centerspan has got you covered. If your organization needs OSHA stairways and platforms for various field applications, Centerspan can custom fabricate a solution for you.

IBC applications are no problem as well, if your situation is such that the general public needs access to or from your location or facility. Centerspan is also your local provider of commercial ADA wheelchair ramps for your business, church, or other publicly accessible facility.

For portable OSHA and IBC stairs custom manufactured locally, call Centerspan today!

Please click the link below to download our PDF information sheet:

Centerspan-OSHA-Sheet.pdf (1690 downloads )

Compare OSHA and IBC Standards

Stairway Height12 ft. max between floors or landings12 ft. max between floors or landings
Stair Tread Width22" width (min)44" width (min)
(36" width for areas serving less than 50 people)
Risers & Tread Depth9.5" riser height (max)
9.5" tread depth (max)
7" riser height (max)
4" riser height (min)
11" tread depth
LandingsTop and bottom landing required.

30" deep, 22" wide. Landing must extend at least 20" beyond swing of doors or gates.
Top and bottom landing required.

Width not less than stairway width (44" min.); depth equal to width, or 48", whichever is less. Doors may not protrude more than 7" into landing.
Handrails & Railings37" height (max)
30" height (min)
Handrails required on both sides of stairway, except within dwelling units.

Guardrails are to be 42" in height (min); handrails 34"-38" in height.
Vertical Balusters19" apart (max)4" apart (max)
Weight Capacity5 times anticipated live load; never less than 1,000 lbs. concentrated load300 lbs. concentrated load
Angular PitchBetween 30º and 50º from horizontal30º (max) from horizontal