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Centerspan is the leader in providing Porch Lifts and VPLs to our neighbors in Long Island and and the Greater New York City metro area.

For porch lifts Long Island turns to Centerspan.

We are headquartered in Bay Shore, Long Island, and have an experienced, factory-trained, local staff of technicians and lift specialists available at your convenience to perform a FREE, no obligation assessment at your home. If you own a beach home on one of Long Island’s beautiful beaches, Centerspan is your local expert resource for Porch Lifts and VPLs that will assist in you in gaining access to upper decks from the outside. This option is much more affordable than a traditional elevator, and does not require expensive mechanical modifications, machine rooms, or below ground pits to be dug for elevator shaftways.

Our VPLs can also be installed inside the home to serve as a home elevator. We have the ability to build beautiful enclosures that will match your home’s decor and style, blending in perfectly with your home. With a maximum travel of 14 feet, our VPLs and Porch Lifts are sufficient for first floor to second floor access in most homes.

Difference Between Porch Lifts & Traditional Elevators

A traditional elevator is a huge investment that some homeowners decide to make simply because they aren’t aware that other more affordable options exist. Our Porch Lifts aren’t just for porches! These are very adaptable products that can be used both externally and internally, to provide safe and reliable access to any upper floor of your home with a maximum travel of 14 feet. When a Porch Lift or VPL is installed inside the home, our experienced craftsmen and carpenters construct beautiful enclosures from top to bottom that match the decor and color scheme of your home perfectly. This custom construction will result in making the VPL look and function more like a traditional residential elevator – at only a fraction of the cost!

Take a look at this table comparing our Porch Lifts and VPLs to traditional elevators:

Porch LiftElevator
CostTypically less than $15K$30K - $60K+
Required ModificationsFlat hard surface to mount to.Major construction required: shaftways, machine rooms, pits dug with plumbing drainage, home remodeling
Power RequirementsStraight AC or drip charge battery system for operation during outage.Rewiring and machine room required for excessive power needs. Licensed electrician most likely required.
MaintenanceVery little. Centerspan provides annual preventative maintenance.Licensed elevator technician required in many states. Minor problems can result in huge costs. Many more mechanical issues possible.

Check out some of our Porch Lift and VPL installs:

Give us a call and let one of our Porch Lift experts in Long Island schedule a FREE evaluation at your home!