Patient Lifts

No matter the mobility need, Centerspan has a reliable solution. We carry a wide range of patient lifting products from Hoyer lifts to Ceiling lifts, that enable those with varying degrees of ability limitations to function freely in and around the home.

Safe patient handling is critically important for the safety and wellbeing of both the patient and caretaker. Centerspan carries a wide variety of safe patient handling, patient lifting, and patient transporting products manufactured by Romedic, a leader in the patient handling and mobility industry.

Ceiling Lifts operate by having a motor and sling suspended from a fixed track anchored to the ceiling. The track is installed in such a way as to facilitate safe transport of the patient to the areas in the home that they need access to. Typically, this includes a path from the bed, to the bathroom, in which the track is designed to securely access both the toilet and bath facilities.

Hoyer Lifts are devices that transport the patient independently without the use of a mounted track. A Hoyer type lift is attached to a wheelbase, allowing full range of mobility and transport anywhere around the home or facility. Hoyer lifts use a similar sling system as overhead ceiling lifts.

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