Pitfalls of Buying a Stairlift Online


Quite often, we at Centerspan receive desperate emails from people out there asking if we can come install a stairlift that they purchased somewhere online. These are people who purchase from one of the sea of online e-commerce vendors who simply want to sell people products, and have no interest in offering any sort of service, or developing a relationship with that customer. We feel sympathy for these people, but we have to decline the business.

We believe in our stairlift products, and stand behind them 100%. That’s why we won’t touch a stairlift unit bought somewhere else, because we don’t want to inherit any liability that may arise from an inferior product. People that purchase these stairlifts online do so with the most pure and obvious of consumer intentions – to save money.

It’s true, at least in the short-term. A stairlift can be purchased online for cheaper than you can hire a professional company like Centerspan to come install it and offer warranty protection and hands-on service. And when that purchase is made, the customer pays a large freight shipping cost, and ends up with pallets and large boxes dropped off at the end of their driveway.

In the end, the customer invariably ends up paying more, for a cheap stairlift, inferior installation, no product protection, and no local service.

After that, the e-commerce company doesn’t care what you do to get it installed and serviced. They’ve made their money. Now the customer, typically someone 60-plus, has to find someone to install the unit at their home for them. This leads to a whole new set of headaches. In most cases, the only professional that will come to install it, is a general handyman, who is useful with a set of tools; but has no specific experience in installing stairlifts, and all of their technical nuances. In the end, the customer invariably ends up paying more, for a cheap stairlift, inferior installation, no product protection, and no local service.

Avoiding the online stairlift trap is simple. One call to Centerspan, and we’ll set up an absolutely FREE, obligation, in-home evaluation of your home and stairs. What online company can offer that? You’ll find out exactly what you need, what to expect, how much it will cost, and any other questions you may have – all without spending a dime! If you decide to move forward and have Centerspan install your new stairlift, you can rest assured knowing you’re in the caring and capable hands of a local company with an exceptional reputation for quality. Our factory-trained and certified technicians will install your new stairlift correctly, and will not leave your home until you are trained and comfortable with it. Plus, we will always be nearby and just a phone call away should you ever need anything.

This chart compares online stairlift shopping versus one call to Centerspan:

Online Vendor **Centerspan
Warranty Included?Maybe - limitedYES - Parts & Labor
Professional Installation?NoYES
Factory-Trained Technicians?NoYES
Local Service?NoYES
Available Anytime?NoYES
Free Evaluation?NoYES
Complete Needs Assessment?NoYES
Training Included?NoYES
Maintenance Available?NoYES

See this page for other reasons why you should choose Centerspan!

Call us at 1-844-SAFE-STAIR (844-723-3782) today to set up your FREE in-home evaluation, and let us show you why Centerspan is the best stairlift company anywhere!

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